This is a website for Hákarl, the solo project of Kev Nickells of Brighton, UK. I play violin, oud, and guitar as my main instruments and I've dabbled in drums, sax, clarinet (etc). Also contained here are other projects past and future, photos (mostly by the amazing Agata Urbaniak), and bits of writing I've done.

As well as Hákarl, I'm currently playing most frequently with Psanck, Three Cornered Corpse, and as a duo with Paul Khimasia Morgan so if you're looking for any of those, they're here somewhere.

If you're here mistakenly looking for the Icelandic foodstuff Hákarl then I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. If you're interested in watching people vomit then here's a bunch of youtube videos that may tickle your fancy.

Currently (May 2017) this website is a work in progress; more stuff to be added as and when. Drop me a line if you know anything about SEO, won't you?

Details for the 24 hour show on 29th July at the Rose Hill here