From 1700 on the 29th July 2017 to 1700 on the 30th July 2017, myself and a retinue of some of the finest racketeers will be descending upon Brighton's Rose Hill tavern. The plan is to play continuously for 24 hours - all players committed to being in the same space for a full day.

While there's nothing approximating instructions per se, there are a couple of ground rules - no looping and no cycling of members. Due to neighbourly considerations, the performance will be acoustic between 2300-1100 hours.

The venue will be open to all for the duration of the performance but note that access will be restricted after hours - anyone wanting to watch in the wee small hours will have to text a number so one of our highly-trained, crack security guards can let them in. This information will be here and on facebook closer to the time.

I've done a few of these long performances in the past - a 36 hour performance with bangthebore & affiliates in 2011 (documented here and here), and a few 12 hour 'long half days' - one of which is documented here:

Who's playing?

Myself and Lisa Jayne of Map 71 have knocked heads for a while over this and have come up with the following merry band of masochists; more detail on each performer to follow soon (patience, pretty one...).

Check back soon for more information or if you simply can't wait, please get in touch with the contact button in the bottom right of your screen there -->