Selection from my soundcloud - more songs available on that page. This website is currently a work in progress but I'll stick a gigography, list of collaborators, and a list of any releases I've appeared on here soon. Meanwhile, free to literally enjoy the below musics or check out the video page.

The above from a show that was the same week that Ornette Coleman died, hence the inclusion of motifs from Lonely Woman. Recorded by Karl M V Waugh of Zero Map, Binnsclagg (and loads of other projects).

The parentheses refer to Alfred Schnittke and Albert Ayler, two musicians I always feel like I'm ripping off... but no-one ever points that out so I'll assume I'm either getting away with it like some devious imp or the reference is so obvious as to pass without mention.

Two tracks from early doors - Limbus Peurorum was for's 20/20 project, a music sharing thing, and was based (if memory serves) on the principle of children's limbo and the difficulties of soteriology in pluralistic Theology. I was studying Christian Theology at the time, y'see, and reading something by Pr Gavin D'Costa.

Poena Cullei, with similarly haughty overtones, was based on reading about Roman torture for Christian martyrs - typically it was a punishment for parricide that involved tying up a person in a bag with various pointy-teethed animals and chucking them in a river. I'm not sure what I was reading at the time but doubtless it was something grisly and unpleasant that I felt deserved commermorating in song.

Two collaborations here - I've played quite a lot in compositional settings with Dann and I was fairly involved in playing music for his PhD. It's well worth having a trawl through his website. This piece was performed at the Coach House in Kemptown, Brighton. Dann's not always so into the 'free' improvisation so when we work together we tend to have rough frameworks for improvisations - closer to theme and extemporisation than my usually free-r improv.

ÁhKarl was performed at Supernormal festival in 2011; this took part about 28 hours into a 36 hour continuous improvisation. The core of the group was myself, Seth Cooke, Clive Henry, Jamie Glew-Osborne (mysteriously without web presence, but a fine jazz guitarist as ever you'll hear), Huw Webb (they're also lacking in a website... shoddy) and Barnabas Yianni. It was documented here and here if you're interested in more information. This was the moment where we were joined by The A Band... which features the aforementioned Karl M V Waugh, hence the title.

I'm very much interested in long-form improvisation - prior to this Supernormal performance, we did an 8 hour show, and I've done 2 12 hour shows as part of the Long Half Day with a whole bunch of people. On July 29th of this year I'll be doing a 24 hour show, details of which can be found here

And finally for now - a record that my oldest band Pariah (sometimes ex-Pariah) recorded too long ago to countenance. We've not played for a long time but we really should get it back together because 'twas always a lark.