Most of these videos courtesy the indefatigable Agata Urbaniak, for whom I'm sure someone in Brighton will construct a large statue in the centre of Brighton before too long. Check out her other videos on her vimeo page.


From a recent show in sunny Worthing put on by the wonderful people at Disconcert. Gary and Linden are super-awesome blokes and you should give their music all of the listens.

This piece is a bit of a meditation on Judy Garland's version of somewhere over the rainbow. I very much <3 Judy.

A recent show at Bombane's Brighton - a night which saw the debut of Eye-eN T T, who were astonishing.

From a show at the sadly no-longer-there Café Noor, the same night that Jennifer Allum played, who's probably my favourite violinist of the times. Her webpage here

One of the more recent outings of mine and Paul Khimasia Morgan's duo; something close to the more textural side of improv/ tuneless nonsense (delete according to taste). Paul runs the wonderful local label Slightly Off Kilter, who've put out a fair amount of greatness over the years.

Recent-ish duo of myself and Dann - whose website is here. This was partially composed and if I can find it I'll put the score on the writings page.

The Long Half Day

A really lovely document of the long half day, a 12 hour performance at I'klectic Café, London. Filmed by Al Strachan.


Psanck is a trio of myself, Chris Parfitt (of Nil/ Noteherder & McCloud) and Al Strachan (of Safehouse/ Lost Property and a million other musical projects).

We've hopefully got a record coming out on Chocolate Monk sometime soon, feel free to pester me about that using the contact button below.

Three Cornered Corpse

Three Cornered Corpse - formerly We're Not Puckridge/ Lazer Beans - were formed by myself, Graham Newbury (Club Zygotic/ Lost Property/ a million bands), and Daniel W J MacKenzie (Plurals/ Ekca Liena) after an 11th-hour pullout at a gig. We've yet to rehearse. It's a horrible racket and a load of fun.


Drań (or Drań Krwawa as I wanted to call them) are a quartet formed with Krautrock-like ideals but something went wrong along the way and now we sound like this. Featuring Chris Perch, Graham again, and Nick Orok